New CSO, Solidaire Meets The Press

A new Civil Society Organization (CSO) Solidaire Governance Forum has met with the Ghanaian press and explained its focus.

At a press soiree, the CSO which formed on 17th March 2021 explained that its formation was in solidarity with the suffering masses of Ghana.

“Our Vision is to become the biggest think-tank for Progressives in Ghana, and use expert knowledge to influence governmental policies and strategies. Our Mission is to Influence policy through advocacy, to better the lives of the Ghanaian masses, by using modern tools, research analysis and make policy or strategic recommendations,” the CSO explained.

It said it decided to engage with the media because of the media’s crucial role in holding the feet of national duty bearers to the fire of accountability.

“The role that we have taken upon ourselves to play in the forward match of this country requires, that we rely on friends in the media, to present our assessments of policies, make available researched findings from reputable institutions and be a reliable avenue to air genuine, honest and critical policy interventions and ideas,” the group stated.

“Your role is to hold all arms of government accountable to their constitutional mandate, and also provide avenues to other development-based Civil Society Organizations like SOLIDAIRE GHANA, to constructively suggest ways to improve policy conception and design, policy implementation and evaluation, and to provide necessary feedback on the impact of policies on the average Ghanaian. This is where SOLIDAIRE GHANA comes in,’ it said.

Solidaire Ghana added that it aims to provide a forum where superior ideas will be exchanged, debates encouraged on the basis of an assemblage of minds who are passionate and fired up with an enthusiasm to see Ghana blossom in the comity of nations.

The CSO has a 5-pronged program to organize lectures for the presentation of policy alternatives and recommendations needed to bring about good governance and socio-economic development of the Ghanaian society; to research and write papers for the attention of the public and policymakers; Develop papers into policy briefs and monographs and to conduct evaluations of governmental programs/projects.

It will also project Report findings and proposals for attention, disseminate research findings and identify academic papers and researched findings of interest, and highlight same for national attention and action.  


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